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September 16, 2014

Foggy Morning

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This morning the temperature was just a smidgen abover zero…

16 september 2014 003

By lunch there was no need for a jacket…

16 september 2014 011

By midafternoon SG was reday to don shorts again!

That’s a normal dayin September less than 70 km from the Arctic Circle!

September 15, 2014

The Day After

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Sadly, the left-wing parties did not manage to get a majority of the votes in yesterday’s election…

Dagen efter 011

…but worst of all – a decidedly right-wing party was given 13% of the popular vote, which means they will hold the balance of power… Unless the Social Democratic Party enters some type of coalition with two or more other parties.

September 14, 2014

General Election Day

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The population in Sweden will hopefully sack the present conservative coalition government in today’s election.

Valdagen 004

I’ve done my bit and I have urged many a person to do the same – now we can only wait for the results.

September 11, 2014

Blessed Child

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Those of you who have visited here previously know how much I love working with SG – a student who faces special challenges because of having Downs. I first met her at the beginning of Grade 7 – a rather shy girl who always looked for approval from grown-ups around her. I won’t even go into what the first semester was like, when she had a Special Assistant who worked to make herself indispensable… During the other half of Grade 7 (with a new SA) she took steps forward to become less guarded and we were elated. Grade 8 – she made advances in math skills no one had thought were possible. She tested the waters with everyone around her at school – what can I say/do/get away with… much like most teenagers. We worked on her speech, social skills and laughed a lot together. She showed more and more of her personality  and we all cried when Grade 8 came to an end.


Grade 9 has not been a smooth start so far – mostly because we still don’t have a timetable worth the name. I won’t go into details (my blood pressure is rising  just mentioning it…) but today when I walked into our room and sounded stressed and irritated, the Dear Child said: (in an approximate translation)

“Woman, sit down and relax. Breathe!”*

I hugged her and told her how wise she was and then went to get coffee for her SA and myself. When I came back,  she said:

“You keep on talking to each other, I’ll be quiet and just colour this picture.”

Oftentimes when working with teenagers, it feels as if they drain you of almost every ounce of energy you have. Not so, when working with someone like SG

Happiness 2

Actually, I am the one who is blessed. I get to spend another year with this delightful person… I am however sure that she has been blessed with the ability to gauge the feelings of people around her – and her SA and I have allowed her  to express just that without fear of negative response. That’s what I call helping a person like her to become better equipped for Life. Correct me if I’m wrong…

*Note: She has four older brothers who are all role models for her – not too much girly-talk in that house… Calling her teacher/SA “woman” is  not demeaning in any way in her mind – but she does not use the same words when talking to other teachers. She knows when it’s appropriate to use a formal way of adressing people and when she can be a bit more relaxed.

September 10, 2014

Look! No Hands!

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Well… no paws, then!

September 2014 033

Happiness is a twig, a sandy beach and the freedom to fool around as you please!

September 4, 2014

An Overnighter

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… with Dad and -B-. Not what I wanted this weekend, but the best I could do.


By now this plant has had no less than 20 (twenty) flowers since spring – and -B- doesn’t know what she’s been doing right. How about just loving everything alive – people, plants and animals – they all seem to thrive close to her.

August 30, 2014


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No doubt…

sent i augusti 045

…fall is here.

August 20, 2014

No Longer In Use

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On my travels around the countryside, I’ve come across a number of old reindeer pens that are almost overgrown with bushes and otherwise in a sad state of repair.

augusti 005

I can see why some of them are abandoned since the number of herders and reindeer have dropped over the past 15-20 years. – but I can almost hear the clicking of their hooves when standing in the middle of the pen.

August 18, 2014

Back to School

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First day with students at school this semester…



… and I’m beat! Could it be because I’ve spent a lot of time this summer almost like a hermit in the middle of society?

August 16, 2014

Discovering new vistas

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After visiting some friends during the day, I decided to take a different route on the way home. I wasn’t disappointed.

Lövudden augusti 013
I am however very unhappy with the changes wordpress has made to their platform. I want to decide what size my pictures will have – I don’t want stamp-size! I also want to add text after a picture – without having to genuflect Before an altar dedicated to wordpress!

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