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April 12, 2016

Fun in the Sun

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On Sunday one of the country’s largest NGO’s had arranged for at day of ice-fishing and skidooing for our new arrivals.

Fun in the sun

People were skiing, trying on skidooing, burning sausages over open fire and having a great day of fun.


For my own part it seemed like an infintely better idea to spend a few hours in the sun, than sitting at home, trying to fix my PC. By the end of the day, I admitted defeat and sent it off to the manufacturer for repairs.

March 24, 2016


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While I was sitting here, sort of watching the news with half an eye, someone rang the doorbell… However, the hallway was dark and when I turned on the light, I found this…

Easter 2

There went my promise to NOT eat any candy this weekend! Who ever left this nice present outside my door – you made my day!

Easter Holidays

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I’m off work for a full, glorious 10 days!Waking upI almost feel like my parking-lot neighbour – it’s time to open my eyes and take joy in my surroundings again! Happy Easter to one and all!

March 16, 2016

National Testing

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The first couple of written National Tests are taking place this week. Me no like! The students are gearing up for this for months – if not years – and unfortunately the results are given way too much weight, at least in some subjects.

Childhood MemoryWhen I was in Grade 9 candy like this could be had for the equivalent to 3 cents – 30 of them cost me more than $2.00 today. That’s quite the increase in price – and I wish the wisdom of those in power would have increased as much. Not so – I understand many countries are getting away from National Testing, as they don’t measure what they were supposed to measure!

March 13, 2016

Winter Market

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For once the weather Gods were benevolent to man and beast during the Winter market.Sara and HomerMay I present Homer and his owner Sara? He was bottle-fed 5 years ago and must be the coolest reindeer I’ve ever met. Kids screaming and, a helicopter flying over and people taking Pictures – he just closed his eyes and enjoyed himself!

Mama Moose

This Mama moose and her calf from last year didn’t seem too bothered either… A while later they were sauntering down the street as calm as ever.


March 10, 2016

I Was Paid Today

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But I still don’t expect the next few months to be smooth sailing…


One of my girls, -S-, came here as a broken butterfly last summer. She became my charge about a month later and the road since then has been rocky and fraught with backlashes. Bit by bit, we’ve been able to help her build confidence, she has medication that will inhibit seizures (still under investigation – more about that later…) and she is slowly beginning to realize that she is a person unto herself!


She is beginning to see herself as an individual – not dependant on a boyfriend/man. We are a strong team around her, boosting her confidence and constantly encouraging her. Today’s one-hour session with a counsellor was cut short after 35 minutes, because we no longer had anything to talk about that seemed acute.

I am blessed to have survived cancer x 2, given the opportunity to pay-back to my community – AND getting to know so many who have enriched my life in more ways than I can describe. Yes, these youngsters are also lucky to have met a guardian who cares for them as individuals – but I would call it a win-win concept.
(I HATE that expression, because it implies that these youngsters automatically meet someone who is genuinley interested in them.)  I don’t expect  thankfulness – but rather the normal reactions of a teenager – and I’m getting that in spades from my 3 girls… Oh My, but can they make me almost crazy at times. They are moody, flighty and prone to changing their minds just so fast… Just like any other teenager, I dare say!

Just let me tell you that I’m not always the most popular person when I expect performance on their part (attending school), will not buy smokes for them (c-above) and demand that their rooms are suitable for human occupation.
I fully understand that a background in a refugee-camp somewhere, or as an illegal in Iran does not give you the background to understand how we think people should keep their homes… I am, however, very thankful that they all leave their dirty outside shoes, outside the door!

Again, I am blessed!

March 8, 2016

Snowy Sentinels

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Outside the fence to one of the car-testing facilities:

Snow GuardsThey can’t be relied on, though…

Gone South

they begin to slide off at the mere mention of milder temperatures…

March 4, 2016

I Need Colours!

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At first, when I looked at this:

Stream… I thought my camera was set on b/w…

The LooIt wasn’t.

Anybody care to take a guess how much I long for spring – which is still at least 2 months away? Yes, we  have Spring Break this coming week  and for most people around here that means loads of fun in the snow. Personally, I could use a soft beach and warm winds right about now!

February 26, 2016


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This is the first Friday in a long time that I have had  – almost to myself.

IMG_1666I’ve spent money on clothing for myself, cleaned the apartment (the fast variety) taken a long walk with Loki AND made a decent supper. This will also make dinner for at least another 4-5 days.

Life is great – I’ve enjoyed being outside in the sun and now I look forward to a relaxed evning on the couch.

February 23, 2016

A Year Ago…

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…I took along loki’s Mom for a walk…Winter Portrait

Unfortunately, she became very ill about half a year later and the owner decided that she derserved a dignified Death. I totally agree with that decision – but HOW I miss her at times!

She’d give me a talking-to if I/we walked past without saying Hi, she’d take off through the patio door if she heard  me/us outside – and given a chance, she’d visit on my patio in about 10 minutes from getting out on her own. If I let her in, she’d raid Loki’s food bowl…


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