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August 16, 2016

Back to Normal, Almost

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This evening was the first time in over a week I really had time to take a good long, walk.

Geese formation

Here’s part of two families of geese that are raising their young ones together. Smart idea! They can protect the gosling from four sides, if need be.

No, I’m far from back to normal. I almost fell asleep during a workshop today.

August 14, 2016

We Did It!

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Our tiny Sami organisation has just pulled off a major feat. We were 6 of us who started this – literally “flying by the seat of our pants” – but with the help of a number of volunteers, we got this ship to shore… and made some money  at the same time.
Everyone I’ve talked to has been very happy (despite inclement weather 2 days of 3) – now I can stop waking up at 000 darkhundred with panic rising in my throat, like lava in a volcanou.
At the moment, I’m tired and worn out but sitting here with a silly smile all over my face.
I have, however, not had time to take a single picture – but to check this out:


August 8, 2016


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I know – these can become thunder clouds before the day is over!

Favourite cloud


August 5, 2016

One more week…

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… before it’s time to get ready for work.

Thunder coming in

Am I ready for it? No, no and no.

August 3, 2016


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My signature plant – a common weed!


July 27, 2016


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Am spending a few days with Dad and -B-, before we have to start organizing the big event for this summer. Our Sami Association is hosting a weekend of competitions in lassoing, running, relay and a terrain-event. https://www.facebook.com/SameSmArjeplog/?fref=ts


We’re expecting about 300 participants + their families, so this should become interesting.



July 26, 2016


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I was watching my neighbours’ daughter picking flowers for Mum this evening…

Flowers for Mum

What can be sweeter than flowers with no stems in the hand of a small child?

July 25, 2016


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We’ve had temperatures hovering between +20 to +too much C for more than a week.


This is not to be taken as a complaint – let’s just say I have closed shop due to a lack of interest…

July 16, 2016

Summer Festival

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Every town with any kind of self-respect, has to have a summer festival. Arjeplog is no different…

Kunda family

This year we got to listen to this group who sang in Freanch, English, Swedish and at least two different languages from their native Kongo-Kinshasa. Absolutely fantastic! I had goose-bumps all through their concert and had quite a time trying to not cry…

July 13, 2016


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Just came back from a pen where they had gathered about 200 reindeer. I love the sound of their bells, the click-clack from their hooves and the noise calves make when looking for their mothers.
This particular calf had a dark ring around the eyes which makes it easily recognizable from one year to the next. That is – if it’s allowed to live. We have bear, lynx, wolverine and eagles in the area, so the calves aren’t safe until they are at least 6 months old. Our siita looses close to 50% of the calves each year to different predators.


Sitting there by the fire while waiting for the reindeer to be herded into the pen, IS summer for me. Everyone becomes philosophic while watching the fire, you can drink cups and cups of strong coffee without getting heartburn – and even persons who normally moves at 100km/h can do nothing but wait – patiently. Sometimes the herd might get spooked  for som reason and will scatter before they are inside the area that is fenced in like a shute.

Fire watch

There were about 50 calves in this gathering. They will be allowed to rest until early morning, when the actual branding takes place – but by then I’ll be sleeping.


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